Senior High School Level



The Senior High School caters to the last two (2) years of the Integrated Basic Education which prepares the students to either to pursue higher education or employment. The SHS curriculum includes the core subjects, applied subjects, and specialized subjects based on the students’ respective tracks. Moreover, students are given practical and explorative activities for them to fully maximize the skills they need in their track.

To meet the demands of the existing technological innovations, students are given the chance to use the educational online platforms. SMCM, despite the fast-changing technology, still meets the need of exposing students to responsible information and communication technology; as well as engaging the teachers in the advent of emerging technologies useful in educational setting, learning and creative inquiry of a global perspective. Thus, Ed-Modo, an online platform, assisted both the young learners and educators to take chances of distant and home-based learning, taking the possibilities of reaching out to students even without coming to school.




STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Acquire the knowledge and skills in using and interpreting scientific explanations of the natural world to generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanation as they understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge.

ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management). Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary in the preparation of a career in management consultancy, business management and deeper business craft.

HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences). Acquire the knowledge and skills in preparation for the pursuance of college degrees focusing on human individuals and societies, scientific study and social relationship.

TVL/ ICT (Technical – Vocational and Livelihood/ Information and Communications Technology. Acquire the necessary skills in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems of personal computer systems, networks, software and its parts and computer programming.

HE (Home Economics). Enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes in baking, cookery, housekeeping, tour guiding and front office servicing” (K-12 Student Handbook, 2017).